Hogweed Crater

Hogweed Crater is a large crater on the southern hemisphere of the planet of New Warsaw. Its name comes from the fact that it is covered with New Warsaw's hogweed. Scientists theorize that the plant was present in the crater long before humans colonized the planet and started the plant's eradication. Today, the crater is almost like a self-contained ecosystem. The depth of the crater and its steep walls make it almost impossible for the plant to spread outside. Additionally, the colonial administration deployed automated outposts that eradicate any hogweed plants that manage to spread outside of the crater.


The New Warsaw's Hogweed has almost completely destroyed any other lifeforms that could have been once present in the crater. Only a few small plants are preserved under the forest-like field of the toxic plant.

Observations from the rim of the crater have shown that it is inhabited by several specimen of the bear-fox hybrid, the planet's native mammal that is the only species that can eat the hogweed and live among it.

Crater / Crater Lake / Caldera
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Cover image: Galaxy by Jeremy Thomas


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