New Warsaw Museum of Colonization

New Warsaw Museum of Colonization (NWMC) is a place that documents the colonization efforts on New Warsaw and presents the history of the colony. It also the place where people can learn about the efforts to eradicate the New Warsaw's hogweed from the planet.

The museum's main building and administration are located in New Warsaw City, the capital of the colony, but it has several smaller locations all around the planet. Those additional locations offer insight into the local history of colonization, while the main part focuses on the big picture. NWMC is considered a must-see for anyone visiting New Warsaw for the first time.

Archaeology Department

Since the discovery of the Voor Monolith on New Warsaw in 2333, the Museum has an archaelogy department whose main objective is to study the monolith and look for any other traces of Voor presence on the planet. Throughout the years the archaeologies of the department located two voor sites and works are conducted there to this day. Despite years of study the purpose of the monolith hasn't been discovered. For now, most archaeologist stay true to the old tradition that if the purpose of something is unknown, it is a ritual object.

Founding Date
Alternative Names
Museum of Colonization, NWMC
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Owning Organization

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