New Warsaw

New Warsaw is an Earth-like planet in the Polin star system. It was colonized mostly by Polish colonists in 2270. It is one of the oldest human colonies.

Ecosystem Cycles

Most of the planet has an Earth-like cycle of seasons. Winter, spring, summer and autumn are distinct from each other. Similarly to Earth, the seasons on southern hemisphere are opposite to the seasons on northern hemisphere. It means that when there is winter in the north, there is summer in the south.

Fauna & Flora

New Warsaw is most notably known for the hogweed, an invasive and dangerous plant, which has been almost completely eradicated. Today it is limited to remote areas from which it is higly unlikely for it to migrate to the settled areas. Some ecological activists claim that its eradication destroyed the planets natural balance and it will result in an ecological disaster.

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Cover image: Galaxy by Jeremy Thomas


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