The Association

The secretive organization has no real name. To those in the know, it has become the Association, as it adopts the lose structure of these groups. Wherever the Dominium has a strong footing, the Association follows, and even beyond. Many dimensions controlled by the Alternative have a criminal cell of the organization. Playing on both sides, some thinks it may even be a third player as the real extent of this mafia is unknown to everyone but the leaders.


Tentacular mafia


The Association is of a size comparable to that of the I.D.E.A. The number of people in its ranks is unknown, as it is the gathering of many smaller criminal groups. Hence, the diversity of its activities is so great it may as well be part of everyone's life at some point. The organization is thought so that no one knows the identity of more than 10 other members. This remains true for officers and executives. Only the leaders of each subgroup has a global view of its underlings.


If it meddles in every business, the one the Association is most known for is assassination. The hitman branch is by far the most profitable as it made sure to be the best. Mostly by getting rid of any concurrence. The organization does not seem to be keen on moral standards and uses every means at its disposal to reach its goals.




The fact that the Association goes to great length to hide its existence from the global public and even its members is appreciated by the authorities. Many ignores that they work for an ubiquitous mafia, and it is for the better. Hitmans and smuggling networks often come in handy for the obscure business of the I.D.E.A. and sometimes the United Nations of Terra that the Association is not actively fought.


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