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I.D.E.A. The InterDimensional Exploration Agency

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200 years ago, a dimensional rift opened in the middle of Terra. A genius of his time, Hernst Van Glosten, managed to stabilize the phenomenon to visit this parallel dimension, thus creating what will become the InterDimensional Exploration Agency. Centuries later, his organization has become the most prominent power of the Dominium, the empire of humanity spanning thousands of inhabited dimensions and ten times more devoid of sentient life. To explore dimensions despite the limits of communication through the gates, very special people are employed by the I.D.E.A. These beings wielding immense powers or peerless masters of their weapons are called Explorers. Alcyers and Icarryans spearhead the Exploration, the neverending quest for expansion through a seemingly infinite multiverse.   Not everyone agrees with the imperialist and corporatist views of the I.D.E.A. Although opposition got silenced swiftly, an organization emerged with the help of renegade Explorers, aiming to provide an Alternative to the doctrine of the Dominium. Terrorists to some, saviors to others, they wage a terrible war across hundreds of fringe dimensions, far from the techno-utopia of the core dimensions.   Embark on a journey of soft SF and science fantasy. Space is an unknown and uninteresting place, as dimension travel is way cheaper. Super-magician fighters are exploring planets that never had any life on them, and cutting-edge technology is thriving. Meet the multiverse of the I.D.E.A.