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Hanger gang

It is said, that the boss of the hanger gang came from the village that lived close to the nest of a Hangman's tree. Before they could react, they were slowly picked off one by one to become food. The boss was one of the people chosen for a rescue team who was sent to find the missing people. And they did find them, hanging and impaled, dying on the roots and branches of a plant-like monster. And while his fellow villagers looked at that sight with terror, he felt the inspiration.   It is said, that he was the only one who managed to return to his village that day. And not long after that, there was no one left in his village.  

The gang

Hanger gang is one of the most brutal gangs of The Pit, not showing any mercy and killing most people in their way. Counting merely 30 members, they target smaller settlements, caravans, and small groups of travelers. What they leave behind are the hanging corpses of their victims.   A lot of the members of the gang were already criminals, death-row prisoners, and murderers. To join the gang, one has to be willing to kill other people and have that "spark" in their eyes as they watch someone "dance their last dance" on the noose.  

Law and Spider Gang

While the gang is wanted by the law, hunted by bounty hunters, and even The Spider and his own gang, some of the members of the gang always somehow manage to escape, survive, and rebuild the group.
Illicit, Gang
Alternative Names
Hangmen, Nooses


All of the members of the gang wear cut-off nooses on their necks.

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Cover image: Call of the Tree by Revyera


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