Cult of bad puns

One of the traits bad pun guy did possess was an abundance of charisma and an ability to talk people around to his way of thinking. A thousand years ago he also had an entire Imperial army to back him up if words didn't work. But never the less, even as a mummy he still had the 'gift of the gab' as they say. It is also a known fact of life that there exist in this world people to whom a terrible pun is a wonderful thing. These two things combined have, over the last two years since Jerotus Rosethorn uncovered the tomb of bad pun guy, caused the inevitable to happen.   There now exists a group of people, thankfully small for now, who believe that the mummy is simply misunderstood and have set about to try and convince folk of this fact. They have developed a two pronged approach to this:   1. They stand on street corners, village greens, and town squares retelling the jokes of the great bad pun guy, some of them have even started coming up with their own. These are no better than the originals, in fact in some ways they are worse because while even using terms that are actually relevant, they still manage to be apallingly bad. Many people have complained, but since they aren't really breaking the law in most cases it is hard for local law enforcement to do much about it.   2. They lure people into the tomb in order to meet the mummy and see that he isn't such a bad sort after all. The unfortunate side effect of this is that they often come out again, a mere shade of their former selves. Unless of course they happen to be one of those earlier mentioned people who love a good pun, they generally come out converted.   Since this second approach most definitely does break the law, local authorities have apprehended a few of the cultists, but there always seem to be new ones joining so it has so far had little effect.


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9 Aug, 2022 18:52

I, for one, think we should welcome our punny overlord with open arms.   I like that original his Identity is kept under wraps. And its not like the cult is here to gauze trouble. they only really need to worry if bad pun guy releases his own CRYPT-o currency. Plus, its like they always say, if you got it, haunt it.   (thank you, thank you, you have been a wonderful audience. until next time Pharaoh-well and good bye.)   Also, great job. As you may or may not have been able to tell, I think this idea is awesome.

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27 Aug, 2022 20:33

Haha. I both hate and love this comment. I am so conflicted. Thankyou for reading though, glad you enjoyed it!!

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E. Christopher Clark
13 Aug, 2022 13:05

I love the idea that a pun can be so bad that it leaves someone "a mere shade of their former self."

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27 Aug, 2022 20:32

It's true! Bad Puns are a terrible weapon!