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Empire of old Acadea

The Acadean Empire was located in the larger area of Leanor and around the Sea of Fire. Its capital was the city of Acadea, located on the south-western shore of the Sea of Fire. It was built there against the warnings of the local folk who insisted that the area was extremely dangerous to build on, because one would risk awakening Daivis the Sleeper, which would result in a natural desaster with the potential to wipe out the entire civilization. The acadeans still built their capital there and expanded their empire rapidly.

Some consider the Acadeans cruel or even monstrous, since they largely used their military strength to conquer and assimilate other countries and cultures, imposing their own culture on them, which said countries and cultures were, undrstandably, not particularly happy about.


The Acadean Empire was led by an Emperor who had his residence in Acadea. Because of its size, the seperate provinces were ruled by someone put into office by the Emperor himself. Acadea had a very strict military hierarchy.


The Acadeans believed in a pantheon of seven main deities. They were a highly developed civilization with well engineered technology, much knowledge and a well-organized military and governmental system. They were conquerers, scholars and traders.


For almost five centuries, the Acadean Empire expanded, flourished and influenced the cultures around it, even introducing its own calender, which set the founding date of Acadea as year zero. The Acadean Empire had a major impact on the world, and even the language spoken in Leanor is closely related to old Acadean. Throughout Acadean history, many places were conquered and their cultures appropriated.


The Empire fell apart after the city of Acadea had been levelled by a series of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, as the locals had warned the founders before they even started building their city.


0 CE - 24th June 479 CE

Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Acadean Empire, sometimes simply referred to as Acadea.
Acadean, Acadeans
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Related Traditions


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