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Lost City of Acadea

Acadea once was a large, flourishing city on the southern shore of the Sea of Fire, ringed by a row of particularly tall volcanoes that were part of the Dragon's Ridge. In its heyday, it was a centre of trade and knowledge. The city itself made use of the hot springs to build baths and of the fertile soil and gentle climate for agriculture, such as growing wine and other fruit on the slopes of the surrounding mountains. Its inhabitants were mostly wealthy people, who used to come there for vacation.

However, the city and its population had built on dangerous ground. Even before the complete destruction, the area was frequently hit by earthquakes, floods and minor volcanic eruptions. At one point, after a few smaller quakes and eruptions, not one but several of the surrounding volcanoes erupted, burying Acadea in ashes and killing every living thing within. The only records of this event come from a merchant ship sailing by in safe distance, whose captain wrote down his impressions. Some members of the crew swear to have seen Daivis the Sleeper, a dragon from common legends of the region, who is held responsible for the destruction of Acadea.

For a long time, nobody dared look for Acadea, or they couldn't find anything, but a few decades ago, a big earthquake shook the area and caused some of the ruins to resurface. The area is still considered extremely dangerous and only the bravest of explorers dare to venture there to try and rediscover some of the history and less known details of Acadea. Their search is aided by historic documents from before the destruction of Acadea, such as drawings and texts written by those who went to Acadea for vacation. Of course, those accounts do not necessarily shed light on the life of the average Acadean, and to this day, many of Acadea's secrets still remain to be unearthed.


The city was populated by rich and influential Acadeans and their families and slaves as well as those who had their own businesses.


Acadea used to be the capital of the Empire of old Acadea and residence of its Emperor, who also ran the city itself.


Since most of the city of Acadea was buried under a lot of ash and other volcanic materialduring its destruction, details of this can only be guessed or reconstructed from old texts and depictions describing the city. According to those documents, it is assumed that Acadea was made up out of several districts:

Palace District

The palace district was the part of the city in which the Emperor and his family and court lived and worked. It would have been the most impressive district.

Temple District

This district would have been the centre of worship of the seven gods of the acadean pantheon were worshipped and honoured.

Market District

This was most likely located in the middle of the town near both the temple and palace districts. According to contemporary accounts, this district included several large market squares dedicated to the trade of different types of merchandise as well as buildings in which the rich local merchants resided.

Harbour District

Seen as Acadea was a city located on the shore of the Sea of Fire and was always best accessible by sea, it would have had a large, busy harbour full of merchant ships and leisure vessels.

Other Districts

About the rest of the city there isn't much known to date. There likely would have been baths making use of the various hot springs of the area, tenement blocks for the less well-heeled population and town houses of the rich and famous as well as accommodation for the many visitors coming to Acadea from all over the empire to trade, do politics or simply for vacation.


People used to travel to Acadea for all sorts of reasons, things like political negotiations with the Emperor, trade or vacation. The city and the surrounding landscape were largely famous for their outstanding beauty and magnificence. The most common type of accommodation for all these visitors were, according to historic documents, large guest houses that could be described as hotels.

Nowadays, after some of its ruins resurfaced, some brave explorers come to the location to try to rediscover some of Acadeas secrets, even though the locals strongly advise anyone against messing with the ruins in fear of reawakening Daivis the Sleeper, who is believed to have caused the destruction of Acadea.

24th August 479 CE

Founding Date
0 CE
Alternative Name(s)
Mostly referred to simply as Acadea
Related Ethnicities
Inhabitant Demonym
Acadean, Acadeans
Owning Organization

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Author's Notes

I realize that this story sounds kind of similar to a certain Pompeii, which is a major inspiration for this.

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