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Lighthouse of Iocea

The Lighthouse of Iocea is located on an island that used to be a bit off-shore from the city of Acadea and served as a guide for ships coming in and out of the harbour of Acadea back in the days of the Acadean Empire. In its heyday, it was an incredibly tall, beautiful, monumental structure, though its size wasn't strictly needed but was rather a way for the acadean Emperor to show off his power and wealth. During the destruction of Acadea, the lighthouse was not fully destroyed like the rest of the city, but severely damaged. Nowadays, it is still there and still a pretty impressive ruin, but not anywhere near as impressive as it used to be according to contemporary sources.

Purpose / Function

As a lighthouse, it was meant to guide ships in and out of the harbour of Acadea safely. It was, however, also a representation of  the Emperors power and influence.


It is a very tall tower built in the typical old acadean style. It's made from large blocks of red granite shipped to the island of Iocea for the sole purpose of being used to build this lighthouse.


The island of Iocea is located a good distance out from the acadean harbour and therefore makes for an ideal location for a lighthouse. Even before it was ever built, the island was used as a location for a large beacon. Soon after the founding of the city, a much smaller predecessor to the monumental lighthouse was built. Only after Acadea had acquired the wealth and means to do so did one Emperor decide that the small lighthouse wasn't sufficient and had the monumental structure built.

The day the city of Acadea was destroyed, the island with the lighthouse was the only part that wasn't completely burned or covered in rocks and ashes, but the lighthouse was damaged severly by flying boulders, the blast of the explosions and the ensuing large waves rolling out from the shore. It has since fallen apart further and further, being reclaimed by nature. Today, the structure still stands tall, but it's far from its former glory.

479 CE
Founding Date
235 CE
Parent Location
Owning Organization


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