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Dragon's Ridge

The Dragon's Ridge is a range of mountains located in the east of Leanor, ringing the western part of the Sea of Fire. The territory is shared by the countries of Baitha and Valeor, and to its immediate west, the kingdom of Lupear is located. The area is known for its high volcanic activity, causing the landscape to shift frequently and without warning, which is why its most active areas right around the Sea of Fire are hardly populated at all. The north-west of the Dragon's Ridge, which is a less active but still dangerous area, is home to the Serbaith, a mostly secluded ethnicity of hunters and farmers.

The Serbaith are aware of the possibility of their villages being subjected to and potentially destroyed by natural desasters, so they don't collect many possesions and are always prepared to evacuate their homes. Despite those dangers, the Dragon's Ridge is not the worst place to live, since the volcanic soil is very fertile, allowing for agriculture and forests with an abundance of different flora and fauna. The foothills of the Dragon's Ridge in Lupear and Valeor are used for agriculture as well as for winegrowing, which is aided by the volcanic soil.

It is believed by the Serbaith that a gigantic sleeping dragon known by the name of Daivis the Sleeper lives in the mountains around the Sea of Fire. The volcanic activity, according to the serbaith Mythology, is caused, if this dragon is awoken or angered in any way. This myth is the reason why especially the coast of the Sea of Fire is not populated. Exploring this area is considered incredibly dangerous, which is why the Sea of Fire is largely avoided by explorers and seafarers, Serbaith and other folks alike.
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