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The Serbaith are a group of people native to the north-west of the Dragon's Ridge. They live in simple villages built mostly from wood, since they live in an area known for its seismic and volcanic activity, although this part of the Dragon's Ridge is relatively calm. The Serbaith are farmers and hunters and mostly live off the land and are generally self-sustained. As a result, they are rather secluded from other cultures and have their own dialect, rituals and customs.


Common Dress code

Serbaith women generally wear approximately knee-length tunics over comfortable trousers, the men wear a similar style of trousers, but shorter shirts, which are usually tucked into the trousers. For a hunter, regardless of gender, this is also the standard style. All of them usually wear soft leather boots. Hunters commonly also take their bows, quivers and hunting knives everywhere they go. Hair is worn in a long braid down the back by everyone.

Art & Architecture

The Serbaith don't really build large structures and live in simple wooden houses. They don't have much in terms of physical artwork, but they have many songs and stories that are passed through the generations by word of mouth.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Whenever the Serbaith are looking for guidance in times of dire need, they travel to the ancient beech tree in the middle of Leas Dimeathris to ask the gods for their assistance and blessing. Generally, the Serbaith are rather humble, generous people who don't own more that they need and share possesions freely. They are, however, also quite proud and not easily broken, and wounding a Serbaoth's pride usually doesn't end too well.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

When a child is born, the entire village comes together to celebrate. Thing needed to take care of the small children are normally shared by the community and used until they fall apart.

Coming of Age Rites

The coming of age of a child is celebrated in a manner similar to their birth. In addition, for those of the Serbaith who choose to become hunters, their First Stag is an important milestone on the way to adulthood, as it marks the initiation into the guild of hunters, which is a great honour.

Funerary and Memorial customs

The Serbaith burn their dead on a pyre, and their ashes are carried to the peak of a nearby mountain and given to the wind. They believe that, after death, the soul is reborn in the land of dragons.

Common Myths and Legends

An important part of their mythology is the gigantic sleeping dragon known as Daivis the Sleeper, who slumbers underneath the Dragon's ridge and causes death and destruction when bothered or, worst of all, awoken.


Beauty Ideals

The Serbaith tend to be rather tall and lean, with brown skin and dark hair and eyes, so those things are considered beautiful and desirable.

Gender Ideals

While there are things that are generally more associated with one or another gender, exceptions and deviations from those norms are not uncommon and not regarded as strange or inappropriate.

Relationship Ideals

The Serbaith don't get married, but couples with children usually stay together. Non-heterosexual couples are widely accepted and seen as completely normal.

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