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The Fireberry is a type of berry commonly found in and around the Dragon's Ridge. It grows in large panicles on small to mid-sized bushes. Fireberry flowers are a pale yellow color and very small, its berrys on the other hand are an inviting bright red or orange color. The leaves are long, narrow and medium to dark green and the branches of the bushes have long, sharp spikes. The berrys give off an intense, very sweet scent. Overall, they seem very inviting and perfectly edible, but in fact they are not. A few fireberries cause diarrhoea and nausea, large amounts might kill a person.

Many a traveller has made the mistake of trusting the fireberry and had to deal with the effects, if they survived. But, like in so many other cases, it's all about the dosage. The Serbaith treat things like constipation and stomach cramps with small doses of fireberry, but this has to be administered carefully to ensure not to overdose the patient, otherwise it may kill them. A salve from ground fireberry can also be used to ease sore or cramped muscles, but it should not come into contact with any open wounds, since it will hinder the healing process of the wound. After applying it, you should make sure to wash your hands carefully to prevent accidentally injesting any of it.

On the journey to Soane, Jon, Eleona, Zairah and Mireanda encountered those berries. After narrowly avoiding an unfortunate incident, Zairah decided to collect some of the berries and make them into the ointment. When they reached Soane, she still hadn't had to use it for anything else, so when the encounter with Iohan went south for her friends, she made the spontaneous decision to coat the tip of one of her arrows into the salve and shoot Iohan in the leg to allow her friends to escape and buy them time to get home and prepare for battle by slowing the healing of Iohan's leg wound.
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