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Daivis the Sleeper

Daivis the Sleeper is a creature known from serbaith, baithan and valean mythology. According to their belief, he is a very large dragon who lives in the mountains around the Sea of Fire and the last and largest of a race of dragons who used to roam the world long before humans existed. Legend has it that this creature is responsible for the geological activity of the Dragon's Ridge. According to the stories, the Dragon must not be awoken or bothered, since any kind if disturbance might cause him to shake the earth and make mountains explode.

There are some that believe that the destruction of the lost city of Acadea was caused, because the Acadeans became ventured too close to Daivis' cave, who first was just a little annoyed, sending minor earthquakes and eruptions as a warning to the people, but when they became reckless and started building houses on his doorstep, he awoke fully and destroyed the entire population of Acadea and all they had built. Surviving accords from some of the sailors on the merchant ship that witnessed the destruction swear to have seen the dragon swoop down on Acadea, raining fire and death.

To this day, the myth of Daivis the Sleeper and of the destruction of Acadea is known and feared all around the Sea of Fire. Because of this, these mountains and the waters close to them are considered dangerous territory and generally avoided as much as possible. Even though the remains of Acadea have recently resurfaced, which is an intriguing prospect for any explorer, only the bravest ones of them have the nerve to go there to unearth its mysteries, simply because of the fear of awakening the dragon and causing another desaster.


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