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Cursed Conclave

The first so far, the most prominent criminal organization that had only cursed as its members was the Cursed Conclave. The Dominion crushed it, but it had a long-lasting effect on the people. Now a new group emerged with the same name but maybe with slightly different goals.
The members of the old Conclave were nothing more but thugs and bandits. They were using their powers for their benefit, not caring how the world saw them or the rest of their kind. They pillaged and murdered everywhere they went. When the Dominion and the lupian tribes finally destroyed them, nobody shed a tear for them.
The new group looks a little bit different. Not that they are not ruthless if it helps achieve their goals. But they focus more on saving other cursed from real or imagined danger. The only problem is that they save all the cursed ones. Whether they like it or not. The positive outcome of their raid is that more and more people started to treat the cursed more humanely. Definitely of fear of the Conclave because from time to time, they kidnap those who abused cursed individuals. Only time will tell if this is a good practice and will help others in the future.
Not many members of the Conclave were captured since they resurfaced. For one, they rather fight to the death than be caught. The other thing is that their home base is somewhere in the Southern Marshes, which is a death sentence for those who don't know the swamp inside-out. They conclude hit and run tactics with uncanny precisions. Everybody in the Dominion military agrees that they have first-hand knowledge of the place they attack. They either spy out the ground or use cursed power to know every detail.
Their leader is a monstrous ettin called Slokog. Sometimes he joins the raids, too, but primarily those where power needs to be projected. He is rarely present in the more subtle actions.
Other than Slokog, there is someone else who is something like a cult leader of the Conclave. Only its nickname is known about her and even captured Conclave members fear her. She is called the Judge.
This can't go on forever. We have to send a team to the marshes to track down the Conclave
— Horrortooth, lupian chieftain


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