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The Judge

Many citizens of the Dominion and lupian tribespeople met Slokog, the ettin cursed. But there is an even more terrifying person who leads the Cursed Conclave. She is the Judge. Outside the Southern Marshes, she is mostly a folk tale - someone to scare the children with. For the Dominion military, she is a threat. But for the cursed outcasts, she might be their salvation.
Not many facts are known about the Judge. She is a female human and a cursed. A quite powerful one. Based on the little information the military could gather from captured Conclave members, here is what is known about the Judge.
She might be immortal. At least, that's what the military strategists think based on the stories of the Conclave captives. In one tale, she was cut to pieces by bandits. Only to come back the following day and kill all of them while there were sleeping. In another, raiders drowned her in the swamp. A day later, her killers were found drowned in the same spot.
Her other powers include telepathy, telekinesis, and mind-reading. And not just one person at a time. Based on the stories of the captives, there is no limit to how many people she can affect simultaneously. Of course, this information needs to be handled carefully. But even if half of it is true, the Judge can turn whole squads of soldiers against their own. Making her the strongest puppet master on Tacillia.
She also has a magical rod, or maybe it is just an extension of her power, but she can change anybody with it into a cursed.
But her most crucial power might be her charisma and the fanaticism she instills. The knowledge that she is fighting for every cursed makes her followers do her biddings without any question.
I don't know what to do with her. Maybe we should throw her into a volcano
— Lieg, goblin strategist


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