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Slokog is a terrifying, monstrous cursed with three heads and four arms. He has ettin origins, but it is hard to fathom that when you are standing face to face with this beast.
Slokog does not speak of his childhood, and nobody dares to ask about it. The other Conclave members think he had the familiar story like many cursed. He was born as a normal ettin, but during his teenage years, the curse of Absence manifested, and he grew one additional head and two extra arms. Then he cast out and roamed Gibora until he joined the Conclave.
In the Conclave, he rose rapidly in the ranks because of his bloodthirstiness and intelligence, his third head added to the mix. Currently, he is one of the lieutenants of the mythical being, the Judge. Slokog participates in missions where shock and awe are required, and Slokog can use his build to terrifying results. He is not much of a stealth person, but he is often still there as a backup in case the covert team is compromised, and muscle is needed to protect them.
His full name, Slokog, is the name of his three heads. The two regular ettin heads are called Slo and Kog. The third head is like a mix of the two other heads, and he calls himself by his full name. This third head is exceptionally cunning and creative, like everything good in the two original heads meshed together in his third head. There is no question that the third head is the boss, but Slo and Kog are given free rein to do whatever they want when needed. Usually, this means destruction on an epic scale.
His four arms are fully usable when Slokog is in charge. They need the mental capacity of the third head to function. Slo and Kog can only make them hold things, but they are still valuable for a battle holding a shield and spare weapons.
Terrible… Horrible… Gruesome… Hideous…
— Guzig, ogre survival of Conclave attack


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