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The members of the cursed are not a single species but members of various species whom the Curse of Absence had afflicted.
It is not that easy to recognize a cursed. Sometimes the skin color differs from the norm, like a yellow ogre, or they lack or have more appendages, like one arm or three legs. However, not every cursed has bodily disfigurements, but they all have special powers. Some can levitate or walk on any liquid, but the stronger ones can control others with their minds. And this control over others makes many non-cursed terrified of them.
When they started to appear, nobody feared them. Unfortunately, these individuals' powers were exploited and abused by varying criminal elements. These gangs formed the Cursed Conclave, and soon a wave of terror swept through the Dominion and the lupian tribes. It took years for the authorities to hunt down every conclave member, and the damage was done. Since then, nobody felt safe being near cursed ones.
Depending on the level of dread and superstition a nation or culture has for the cursed, these individuals' lives differ highly. In the Calamor Empire, they are given a choice. Join the army's special unit or live their life as outsiders in one of the outlying trenches. In the Aerie, they are tolerated if they can use their abilities for the nation. Otherwise, they become outcasts. In the skat'ra hives, they are treated as deviants. And in parts of the Dominion and the lupian tribes, they are hunted down and killed.
A rumor started to surface not long ago that many cursed lives within the Southern-Marshes, led by a mighty human. These rumors began to pick up speed when bands of cursed ones raided the southern parts of the Dominion. These bands call themselves, like the old organization, the Cursed Conclave. The leader of these bands is a cursed ettin called Slokog, but even he refers to someone called the Judge.
Like we don't have enough problems
— Durrash, orc warlord


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