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The Curse of Absence

Many treat the curse of Absence as the greatest threat since the Rending. The strangest thing is that it might not be Absence who is responsible.
Absence is the greatest evil Tacillia has ever encountered. Logically, the people connect everything, which is terrifying to this entity. However, scholars are finding more and more facts that the source of the curse might not be Absence but his counterpart Abundance. Absence takes away while Abundance gives everything. When you see the blue hobgoblin, it is not the lack of color you see but a different color. Some scholars even go the extra mile to say that the conception of a new child is safer under Absence. However, they can't provide any evidence for this.
If a child is a cursed, it won't show after birth. It takes years for the condition of the curse to surface. Usually, it does during the teenage years. The symptoms are incredibly varied. Bodily changes can be as small as losing all the hair on the body to be very extreme, like having one eye, three legs, or multiple arms. But the genuinely frightening changes will happen inside the body. This can be from having a lower body temperature to terrifying abilities setting everything on fire with a blink of the eye or freezing the marrow in the bones with a wave of a hand. Like something, a magician can do. Or the change in the body can be very extreme, like excreting pollen that butterflies and bees can eat.
There are some voices among the scholars who say that qats are cursed ones too. In their theory, the first qat was a cursed, and it passed down its abilities to future generations. This idea is not proved either, but it adds an additional level of terror to the cursed ones.
My greatest fear is that my children become cursed ones
— ogre parent


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