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Steelfin Syndicate

The Steelfin Syndicate is a small group of hunters from the Keelark district in Tiomera. This small group consist mainly of merfolk and druids that are able to easily navigate the waters of the Shimmering Depths. The hunters belonging to the Steelfin Syndicate are nimble, strong and smart and have become dangerous predators of the ocean thanks to their extensive experience with killing all sorts of creatures within the ocean.

Services and Contracts

The syndicate consists of true hunters that are not mere fisherman hoping to catch some small prey on a hook. They hunt for larger prey in and around the city. Swordfish, seals and dolphins but also sharks and the odd mantadrake are all easy prey for the Steelfin Syndicate. Once it is caught and killed, the prey is slaughtered and the parts are sold to the highest bidder on the Keelark market to turn a nice profit. The syndicate can be contracted to hunt a certain beast or creature for a fair price and for those who can pay an even higher price, they may consider a more humanoid target to disappear into the abyssal depths of the ocean.

Cruel but Efficient

Members of the Steelfin Syndicate care little for a quick kill, but truly enjoy the stalking, chasing and hunting of their prey. After observing the habits of their target and perhaps setting a trap, they will usually first attempt to entangle or strangle their target with a Steel Wrack Net before attempting to kill it. Their preferred area is of course the ocean but it is still advised to be cautious when encountering a member of the Steelfin Syndicate on the streets of Tiomera.
Notable Members
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