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Steel Wrack Net

Rare Net (Special)
Requires attunement

Range. 5/10   Ocean’s Hunter. A Large or smaller creature hit by the net takes 2d12+2 Lightning damage and is Restrained until it is freed. A creature can use its action to make a Strength check (DC 16). On a success it frees itself or another creature within its reach. Dealing 15 Slashing damage to the net (AC 15) also frees the creature. Ending the effect and destroying the net. All creatures that are within 5ft. of the net when it is destroyed take 2d12+2 Lightning damage.   Seaweed Spun. The range of this net is tripled when it is used underwater. Additionally, it can be used to attack a Huge creature if you and your target are both submerged in water. If the target is Huge, the attack is made with disadvantage.
Steel Wrack Net


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