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Thrindef Morkhale

The Thelian Half-Giant Druid from Wolfsbrunn known as Thrindef Morke is a dangerous individual to encounter in the city of Tiomera. His muscular stature is impressive and intimidating, but pales in comparisson to the form he takes to explore the Shimmering Depths.

Journey to Tiomera

At a young age, Thrindef left the Thelian Mountains to travel the world in search for his true calling as a druid. He ventured east through the arid Kordaasi desert and the verdant forests of Athorea towards the Shimmering Depths. He found life near the oceanside to his liking, living off the bounty of the sea and discovering its hidden worlds and creatures. It was a few years later that he came upon the city of Tiomera and discovered the Tiomeran people to value the same aspects of life that he did. In Tiomera he started out making a living as a fisherman of sorts at first, transforming into a gigantic shark to hunt tuna, turtles and even whales. Quite soon he joined the Steelfin Syndicate when his talents were noticed by these hunters. Thrindef had always been easy to anger, and those who wronged him would often find a giant pale shark stalking them in and around the city through the many canals. Thrindef made his home in the underwater district of Keelark, and it was not before long that Thrindef became known as 'the Shark of Keelark'.

The Stillwind Shark

His talents and ferociousness were not left unnoticed by the citizens of Tiomera, most of which avoided him because of his temperament. His reputation spread quickly throughout the city and through other members of the Steelfin Syndicate he was introduced to the Acolytes of the Stillwinds. Enraptured by the pursuit of strength as well as the secrets and power that might be hidden within the Stillwind Spheres, Thrindef became a part of the acolytes within months after his arrival in the city. Shortly after the disappearance of Nantenor Henrane and the rumors about a Labyrinth on the ocean floor started spreading, Thrindef had put his mind to finding it.
The Shark of Keelark
Neutral Evil
Current Location
Entirely black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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