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Shimmering Depths

The ocean known as The Shimmering Depths lies east of the continent of Esca and separates that continent from the lands of Aergys. This expanse of salt water holds many secrets.

Sunken Riches

It is commonly thought that this body of water was originally named after the glistening of the sun that would rise in the east and the light of which would shimmer on the waves in the early mornings of the day. However, historically speaking, the ocean went by many names and it was not universally known as 'Shimmering Depths' by sailors. This name has become universally accepted in the last few hundred years as over the years the waves have taken down many ships and boats with valuable goods. Through creatures, storms and misfortune, sailors saw their riches falling into the depths, shimmering as they sank to the bottom of the ocean floor. Those who survived their shipwreckage would speak of the 'Shimmering Depths' wherever they would go when telling the tale of their misfortune.

Dangerous Waters, Still Winds

As with most seas and oceans, bad weather and storms are a hazard that can often be encountered when sailing the Shimmering Depths. A more curious issue is that sailors have found upon this ocean, is an inconspicious extreme lack of winds, favorable or unfavorable. These pockets are referred to as 'Stillwind Spheres', as they seem to be roughly spherical. Some of these spheres seem to have been slowly moving across the Shimmering Depths across the years. What causes or created the spheres or their movement is unknown. Most think it might be naturally caused by courses of the wind, but some sailors speculate that they are a barrier to stop people from getting to whatever lies in their center.
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