Titan's Labyrinth

Legend told of an ancient and gigantic labyrinth at the bottom of the Shimmering Depths ocean, an archive of sorts filled with great knowledge and age old wisdom that has been collected through the ages: The Titan's Labyrinth. By happenstance, the floating city of Tiomera has found this mysterious structure.


The origins of the labyrinth are unclear. The myths and legends surrounding it may all hold some truth to them. Some speak of a gigantic maze of a library built in the sky to trap souls and keep treasures. As this flying library became too heavy, it dropped from the clouds and sank to the bottom of the ocean. Other cultures believe the labyrinth to be built by sea giants as a city of sorts, but that the place was destroyed by Ebaqu's wrath and became inhospitable.


A few decades ago Tiomeran depth bell divers came across a structure that they thought might be the Titan's Labyrinth. It's walls were covered in a thick layer of corals and teeming with life. They were able to find an entrance and according to records were able to find, but not retrieve some artifacts from long gone civilizations. Upon attempting to take these items out of the labyrinth they were stopped by an arcane barrier. Attempts of arcanists from Eauviron to break the barrier were unsuccessful as the magic that protected the labyrinth was unfamiliar with them. After a Mantadrake attack killed a wizard performing a ritual to break the enchantment on the door, and several explorers went missing within the labyrinth itself, the Court of the Compass decided to halt further investigation. It was decided to leave the place be, and not endange the city or its citizens by fixating upon what things may lie withing, as they too could potentially be dangerous. Years later, Nantenor Henrane came across the records of the discovery, and went on an expedition to find the labyrinth again.


Before the discovery of the labyrinth, it had simply been a legend of the past, a story seafaring folk would share amongst eachothers. The researchers of Eauviron would regularly touch on the subject of the Titan's Labyrinth and theorize what they would perhaps find within it. However, after its discovery have only developed (untested) theories on how to unlock and potentially navigate the labyrinth. The Acolytes of the Stillwinds believe that within the labyrinth they may find out more about the Stillwind Spheres and have made plans to explore it. The legends of the labyrinth have even reached the ears of the Amaranthine Archivists who have a great deal of interest in any type of knowledge, no matter where it is found.
Alternative Names
The Drowned Library
Sea Sage Labyrinth
Parent Location


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