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Eauviron is a small seafaring settlement that is in effect a remote extension of the raft city of Tiomera. It used to be part of the Hullark of Tiomera before The Countless Rafts Ploy. The community of Eauviron mainly consists of people interested in research within the field of navigation, sea life and astrology. In a sense, Eauviron functions as a guide for Tiomera, spearheading the journeys the city will undertake. In return for the knowledge and services Eauviron provides, Tiomera supplies the settlement with food, fresh water and other provisions.

By Sea and Stars

The citizens of Eauviron have attained a great deal of knowledge on how to navigate at sea using the stars as a guide. Even though this is a non-magical skill, this knowledge of the stars has attracted several arcane practictioners with an interest in the Astran language over the years. Over time, this has caused the population of Eauviron to consist of a considerably large percentage of druids, wizards, sorcerers and clerics who research, experiment and hone their skills here. To be allowed to stay on the settlement an individual is required to share their knowledge and findings with the Court of the Compass of Tiomera.

Ocean Experts

The researchers of Eauviron are considered leading experts in several subjects that are valuable for all people wishing to sail the seas and oceans of the world. Some of these skills require a degree of arcane skill or magical assistance while others are purely scientific and can be learned by anyone.
  • Air Currents
  • Aquatic Ecosystems
  • Cartography
  • Climates
  • Navigation
  • Sea Currents
  • Stillwind Spheres
  • Water Spells
  • Weather Prediction
  • Weather Spells
  • Related Ethnicities
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