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Court of the Compass

The Court of the Compass is the group of eight individuals that governs the city of Tiomera. The Tiomerans hold them to a high standard as they are not only responsible for legislation and the other tasks that come with leadership over a community. The court is also responsible for the proper navigation and the safety of the voyages that the floating city undertakes.

Court of Eight

The courts consists of eight individuals, similar to the eight primary and secondary directions on a compass. The individuals are democratically chosen every two years during the spring equinox. By law, every ark needs to be represented in the court by at least one official. After the court has been chosen, a second vote among the people of Tiomera is conducted to choose the Wheelmaster. This individual will lead the court and typically will represent the Bridgark. The Wheelmaster confers with the chosen individuals and assigns everyone to a position in the court. Each position in the court is named after a direction on the compass and comes with specific responsibilities towards the city and its citizens. Those in the court are called lords and ladies with a corresponding winddirection (e.g. Lord of the West, Lady of the South-East) but are also often simply referred to by their full name followed by their wind direction. (E.g. Esmeralda Filorinte of the North)   Court of the Compass
Position Responsibilities
North Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs
North-East Defense and Safety
East Infrastructure and Architecture
South-East Law and Justice
South Navigation and Weather
South-West Economy and Finances
West Health and Sustenance
North-West Education and Culture
Alternative Names
Court of Eight
Court of the Greatwheel
Leader Title
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Related Professions
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