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Anchormaster is a Tiomeran title that is given to the person in charge of an Anchorhouse. To outsiders, overseeing an anchor might not be the greatest of honors that can be bestowed upon a person, but within Tiomera, people know that the Anchormaster is an important link in the chain of command of the city.

Anchored Down

Historically speaking, the Anchormaster was only responsible for maintaining the anchor as well as lowering and raising it as commanded by the Court of the Compass and the Wheelmaster. The timing and speed of operating the anchors is of great importance, if the anchors are not operated in harmony, the strain could cause massive damage and the integrity of the entire city might be compromised. As the city grew, anchormasters were made responsible for far more tasks. The anchormasters started to recruit their own crews, now commonly known as arkmates.

Becoming a Master

An individual can only become an anchormaster by another anchormaster bestowing the title upon them. The appointing of a successor usually done at the retirement of an anchormaster but can be done earlier as a sort of apprenticeship. This is usually only done if an anchormaster at another anchorhouse was unable to apoint a successor before their retirement or death. In case of a dual anchormastership at a single anchorhouse, the individual that became anchormaster first has authority over the other.

Chain of Commanders

The title of anchormaster comes with no other benefits, rewards or symbols that the individual can wear or flaunt. Instead, their name is etched in a link of the chain attached to the anchor that they are responsible for. This tradition has turned each of the anchor's chains into a record of anchormasters throughout the ages.
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I really like the tradition of carving the anchormaster's name into a link of the chain

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