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Those who call the city of Tiomera their home are commonly referred to as Tiomerans. The seafaring city that travels on the waves of the Shimmering Depths can retrace parts of its culture to many different places as merchants, travelers, refugees and migrants brought their own culture with them. Over time, all these parts and aspects developed the Tiomeran culture to what it is today.

Between Wind and Waves

An important part of Tiomeran culture is the respect for the sea and sky. When you are the citizen of a floating city you learn pretty quickly that you live between the sky and sea, and that both are far greater and more powerful than you are. Because of this, the air deity Zevira and ocean deity Ebaqu are both worshipped and honored by religious Tiomerans.

Surviving at Sea

Securing resources and sustenance has always been an important part of the day to day life of Tiomerans. Especially in the early days of the city, finding food and fresh water proved challenging. Over the years the Tiomerans have been able to provide plenty resources for themselves in various ways, but they remain careful not to waste anything and are not the type of people to indulge in frivolities. As with a well trained ship's crew, Tiomerans cooperate well together to better everyone involved in their community.

Freespirited Navigators

Tiomerans are typically quite freespirited, but you should not mistake their demeanor for short sightedness. It is pretty standard practice for Tiomerans to plan ahead for the future, whether that is for the city as a whole as done by the researchers of Eauviron and the governing body of the Court of the Compass or at an individual level to start a family, attain wealth or go on a grand adventure. Tiomerans will carefully plan and strategize their undertakings, making sure to keep the influence of the world at large in consideration.

Developing Culture

For a long time, Tiomerans had to focus on survival and did not concern themselves with cultural intricacies. Since the city was able to sustain itself, Tiomerans have been able to build and progress their own culture with distinctive cuisine, art and music. The roots of these cultural expressions can mostly be retraced to the people that live on the shores and the lands bordering on the Shimmering Depths, but through their blending, mixing and changing these cultural aspects have become unique to Tiomera.


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