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Acolytes of the Stillwinds

The Acolytes of the Stillwinds are a group of people that devote their lives to the Stillwind Spheres on the Shimmering Depths ocean. The acolytes believe that the spheres are ancient prisons. They theorize that the moving spheres contain ancient and wise creatures and that the static spheres contain the remains of an elder deity. The acolytes believe that the beings inside the spheres will reward them greatly if they would unlock their prisons  

Exploring the Unknown

The Tiomeran people have a knack for exploring the ocean and whatever is within it, but Stillwind Spheres have always been an aspect of the Shimmering Depths that the people have tried to avoid because of the danger they pose for the seafaring people. When the first sphere was discovered, people believed there would be an artifact within it locked away by the Divines themselves or that it was a portal to another plane of existence. As more spheres were discovered, some worshippers of Zevira renounced their faith, believing the spheres to be a sign of the deity's departure from the world. These people became the Acolytes of the Stillwinds.  
In stillness we find peace
In stillness is a remedy
— Acolyte mantra

Seeking Knowledge

The Acolytes of the Stillwinds are a secretive organization within the city of Tiomera and are regarded a threat to the safety of the city. The greatest fear of the Tiomerans is that an acolyte would become Wheelmaster and steer the city straight into a Stillwind Sphere. The acolytes have attempted to gain more knowledge on the Stillwinds, some venturing out in their own vessels and sailing straight into them, others by infiltrating the community on Eauviron. These scholars have charted and researched the Stillwinds for many years now and keep that information strictly hidden away from the public, further proof for the Acolytes of the Stillwinds that there must be something of great importance within the spheres.
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