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There are several theories about how Zevira came into existence and became a deity. Some say she was one of the first deities to walk the planet because she was one of the last surviving primordial air elementals that fought in the Primordial War. Other stories place her origin far later in the history, these stories portray her as a fey sorceress and ascribe that tamed the chaotic winds and weather itself and thus rose to divinity. Both stories might be true and can coexist within the history of Zevira. It might very well be that she gained a physical form and walked on the earth for ages before the creation of The Veil.

Winds of Change

Zevira is primarily the deity of wind, weather and air. With this element comes its nature of constant motion and change. Zevira is worshipped so that she directs and guides the winds and weather across the earth. Zevira's might can breathe life into a still breeze and turn it into a destructive whirlwind but she can also gently fill the air with a breeze that turns the windmills or guide the winds in the sails of ships to speed them along on their journey. Zevira is also a deity that is associated with breathing and life. Because of this, clerics of Zevira are sometimes called upon to heal ailments to the lungs and respiratory system.
Lady of Storms
Queen of Skies and Clouds
Divine Tempest
Divine Classification
Chaotic Neutral
Associated Domains
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