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Ebaqu is the god of the seas and oceans. He is often depicted as a tall man with dark blue skin with long seaweed green hair and bright azure eyes. With the water of the seas and oceans itself coursing across his body like a garment made from waves. He isn't often pictured with a weapon except for a spear and sometimes a net. In some cultures he is seen as an evil god and depicted as an immense blue kraken with bright green eyes.

A Changed God

Ebaqu is a primal deity that has existed since the birth of the world. He was a bright and joyful god back when all the oceans and seas had fresh water in them and the light reached all the way into the depths. During the Era of the Downfall, the many battles and deaths of both mortals and Divines fundamentally changed the god in the dark, tumultuous, grieving deity he is now. As it is told in the myth of The Lament of Ebaqu, the oceans changed with him into the briny dark expanses they are to this day. This event caused Ebaqu and his domain to become more dangerous and temperamental. At times quiet and still, and at times a destructive storm of chaos.


Ebaqu's domain is the sea and the life within it and because of this, he is feared and revered by seafaring folk and fishermen as well as merfolk around the world. Some cultures and religions worship Ebaqu in the hope that they might lessen his grief so that the oceans return to their primal state, others worship him so that his oceans may one day rise and cleanse the world of all evil. In any case, he is seen an aspect of change and transformation. He is also associated with anger and sadness as well as grieving for the dead, specifically those who died at sea or by drowning. Those who worship Ebaqu are often buried at sea or have their ashes scattered at sea. His temples and sanctuaries are typically found in saltwater caves, on the shores of seas and oceans or even in the depths beneath the waves.
The Wavelord
The Old Fisherman
The Ocean's Keeper
Father of Rivers
The Lamenting Lord
Divine Classification
Primal Deity
Chaotic Neutral
Long, dark green
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Navy blue
Appears in...
Associated Domains
Associated Magic


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