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Children of the Waves

The Children of the Waves are a religious order committed to the worship of Ebaqu. It is a religion primarily practiced on many islands and on the shores of Azuno. The Children of the Waves hold onto the belief that like the sea, life is subject to change and to survive and thrive, one must adapt to overcome the challenges they face in life.
Blessed be the salt,
blessed be the waves
— Proverb

Tenets of Faith

Evolution. Move with the ebb and flow of the world and adapt to it.
  Transformation. Find your truest self and share it with the world.
  Vindication. Do unto others as they have done unto you.
  Emotion. Let your actions be guided by the feelings in your heart.
  Preservation. Take only from the water what you need,
in turn the water shall only take from you what it needs.


The Children of the Waves believe that the worship of Ebaqu will one day result in the cleansing and purification of the seas and oceans of the world. Ebaqu will turn the salty waters back to as they were before the Era of the Downfall. They will turn back into sweet water and the waters themselves will turn so clear that light can reach the ocean floor. WHen this happens, Ebaqu shall bless the creatures of the sea so that they may live in the sweet waters, except for the nefarious and evil creatures looming in the dark briny depths which shall be slain and purged from the world.
Alternative Names
School of the Depths
Children of the Wavelord
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