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Saltstone Cups

Saltstone cups are used by the Children of the Waves and other worshippers of Ebaqu. They are typically used to create salt water from fresh water in places where there is no salt water available, but are also used in places close to the seas and oceans. These cups are made of a particular type of azure tinted rock salt, when water is poured in such a cup, it becomes salty like the water of the sea. This water is commonly used in rituals and ceremonies or drunk.


The design of saltstone cups can range anywhere from rough and rocky bowls up to polished chalices with intricate designs carved in them. Some of the followers of Ebaqu use different types of cups for different types of occassions. A common belief is that a shallow bowl should be used for blessings but not for the consumation of the water.

Broken Salt

How long the cup lasts depends heavily on how it is made, if the walls of the cup are thin or brittle, the salt will dissolve the cup quickly. Thick and polished bowls may lasts for years or generations if used properly. When a cup does finally break because the salt has been dissolved, the owner of the cup may do one of two things. They may choose to go to the sea and return the shards of the cup to the waters as a personal pilgrimage, or they may choose to dissolve the remains of the cup in a gallon of water. This extremely salty water is seen as a most blessed and holy substance for the Children of the Waves and used by alchemists in the creation of Waters of Guidance.
Saltstone Cup
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