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The Lament of Ebaqu

Before the Era of the Downfall, Ebaqu was a tranquil and calm deity who ruled the seas and oceans. He was revered by all who relied on the sea for their livelihood. However, since he came into existence, Ebaqu felt great sorrow when mortals and divine beings alike met their demise. He grieved for the fishermen and sailors who were lost at sea, and for the families and loved ones who were left behind to mourn.   Over time, the countless battles and deaths of both mortals and divine beings had fundamentally changed Ebaqu. He became a dark, tumultuous, grieving deity, and his sadness weighed heavily on his heart. As the deity of the seas and oceans, Ebaqu's grief affected the oceans themselves. They became briny and dark, tumultuous and unpredictable. At times, they were quiet and still, but at other times, they were a destructive storm of chaos, tossing ships and sailors alike into the depths of the ocean.   Ebaqu's sadness was a burden that he could not shake, and he struggled to find joy in the world around him. He retreated to the depths of the ocean, seeking solace in the quiet darkness of the depths. But despite his efforts, Ebaqu could not fully escape his grief. It consumes him to this day, and from time to time the sadness and rage would still escape the depths of the ocean and create mighty storms and maelstroms. Even after the creation of The Veil, the remaining divine essence of Ebaqu's sadness and anger remains to cause storms and chaos as it still permeates the waters of the world.
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