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Chandelier of Empty Bowls

High above the Greatwheel hangs a grand chandelier that reminds the members of the Court of the Compass of Tiomera that the decisions they make within the House of the Greatwheel may have great repercussions on the Tiomeran people.

Symbol of Survival

The chandelier itself is made from a few hundred crudely carved wooden bowls. Truth be told, these bowls lack the sophistication in design that the can be seen in the interior of the House of the Greatwheel. That is because these bowls date back to the early days of the city. When the rafts were first put together and when the people of the newly found city were still struggeling to survive upon the waves of the Shimmering Depths. Hunger and even cannibalism were a part of the survivor's lives. A bowl was sometimes one of the few material possessions a person had and could be remembered by, so they were passed on from generation to generation and became a sort of heirloom. These bowls were used in the construction of the chandelier and remind of this struggle. They are an hommage to those who came before and who made the ultimate sacrifice for the survival of Tiomera and its people.

Enchanted Lights

The chandelier was a gift to the Court of the Compass for the celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the city. It was the combined efforts of a few historians, wizards and craftspeople who spent a few months to collect and complete the parts of chandelier and install it in the House of the Greatwheel. The Chandelier of Empty Bowls is not supported by any ropes but instead floats freely under the ceiling of the room. A common misconception is that each individual bowl is enchanted with a levitation enchantment while in fact, the ceiling of the room makes use of an enchantment to keep them them magically suspended in the air. The bowls move very slowly in patterns that are somewhat akin to a school of jellyfish. The light from the chandelier comes from the inside of the bowls, where a small orb Moonjade is placed to cast an upward glow of warm white light.
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