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House of the Greatwheel

The House of the Greatwheel originated as the first Anchorhouse of Tiomera. As the city grew, the house transformed into a small palace of sorts for the Wheelmaster and the Court of the Compass. The House of the Greatwheel functions as the center of operations for navigation and government of the city. As most structures on Tiomera, the building is almost completely made of wood, but the timber of the House of the Greatwheel is lacquered in beautiful shades and colors. Banisters, columns and beams are adorned with intricate Tiomeran carvings and patterns and the interior features paneling that is painted with beautiful maritime scenes. The seat of power of Tiomera might not be a castle, palace or fortress, but beautiful and awe inspiring in its own way.

The Greatwheel

The main hall of the House of the Greatwheel is where it derives its name from, it features a large circular table that resembles an ornate ship's wheel that is also seen on the heraldry of the city. The Court of the Compass stands around this table when discussing the state and matters of the city and its citizens, as well as its courses and voyages. The table can be rotated and is enchanted to correspond to hundreds of rudders that are attached underneath the rafts of the city and throughout the keelark, as such the greatwheel is able to steer the city as a whole. The turning of the table can only bedone through verbal commands given by the Wheelmaster. The choice is usually discussed and approved within the Court of the Compass first, but in truth, the Wheelmaster has authority to make their own decision on the trajectory of the city.

The Anchorhouse

The House of the Greatwheel also functions as an anchorhouse and has its own anchormaster in residence. Apart from the usual functions that anchorhouses fulfill, the anchorhouse at the house of the Greatwheel also features a semaphore to signal the other anchorhouses. For example whenever a new course is charted to prepare the sails for departure in a certain direction, or to ready the anchors when nearing a new destination. The system is also used to signal the Surge Foundries whenever some extra emergency propulsion is needed.

The Wheelmaster's Residence

Apart from all of its governing functions, the house also serves as a residence for the Wheelmaster and their family. The quarters are not opulent by the standards of most royal residences commonly seen on land but by Tiomeran standards it is quite luxurious in its style and many spacious rooms. A number of indoor gardens, a private boathouse and a large roof terrace that overlooks the city make the Wheelmaster's Residence a comfortable place to retreat to after a day of being the captain of the world's greatest vessel.
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