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Surge Foundry

A surge foundry is a magical forge that uses the power of water instead of fire to shape and craft metals through the art of watersmithing. This type of forge was developed and is still predominantly used by the Tiomeran people.

The Foundry

There are many types of surge foundries across the world, but the the forges in the floating city of Tiomera are the largest and most intricate of their kind. They use a complex network of channels, pumps, and other magical devices to harness and control the flow of water. The water is channeled through a number of enchanted pipes, chambers and vats to imbue it with enough energy to alter tough metals. The object is submerged in water inside a so called anviltank where a smith alters the flows, direction, angle and bursts of water that crashes into the object to beat the metal into the desired shape. Specific nozzles allow for cutting and drilling using the force of water, which makes the surge foundry quite effective and adaptable. Because of the many parts and alterations that need to be made during the forging process, operating a surge foundry requires several skilled hydrosmiths and workers. The sound of rushing water can be deafening at times, which is why communication by these workers is done mainly through sign language and hand signals.   Surge foundries are designed so that they can be altered and set up for different types of jobs through using different pipes, parts and nozzles. They can be used for large metal objects used in construction, but can also be set up in a way so that they are able to smith intricate pieces of jewelry. The water can also be funneled through additional paths to imbue it with magic, or highly pressurized to allow for Runic Inscription in any sort of item. Small anviltanks have sometimes also been filled with an alchemical compound to allow for Alchemical Transference during the smithing and shaping of an object.

The Surge

The foundry can eject excess energy which allows for some propulsion of the floating city of Tiomera. It can also be used used to funnel all energy into the water to create a burst of a swirling vortex of energy. This highly volatile vortex of energy is what allows the Tiomerans to quickly maneuver their floating city in times of need.
Alternative Names
Water Forge
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