Skeleton Keys

"The Skeleton keys are nothing but a children's story, the locksmiths would never allow such insidious people to operate within the walls. The idea of a group of people who have free roam in the city is insane! it is in counterpoint to all we are taught as the faithful of Lakoti. it would take the meaning away from all the key titles that I have worked so hard to gain."
  • Gidion Thope, key holder of the second and third walls, speaking to a friend at a party.
  •     Garamant is run by the Locksmiths, those who create the bands have the power, or at least that is what the Skeleton Keys want the people of the city-state to believe.   Hidden deep in the great walls that segment the city-state the skeleton keys rule from the shadows. Centuries of hard work have finally begun to pay off with the people of Garamant whispering about the skeleton key as if they were a myth. This gives them the freedom to act as they wish, new recruits are stolen from their homes as babies and raised within the order, devout does not begin to cover the level of faith these people have.


    The Skeleton keys have a very simple hirechy there are always 206 of them, and the ladder is a straight one. in theory for the newest member to become the leader 205 people would have to die to make it happen. In actuality, it is more complicated with promising members being raised into empty roles.


    Cut throat but loyal to each other.

    Public Agenda

    In theory the public do not know of the skeleton keys, and if they do it is always as a shadowy 'left hand of the throne' kind of way. Few realise that they are the true leaders of Garamant and the Locksmiths are mearly their willing pawns.


    Lakoti has begun to build in power again as people start to forget the horror of the desecration, and with the tenth wall built Skull Key Kalum Picksmith now has a direct link to Lakoti himself.
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