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The Seekers

A religious branch who stand against the ordained and want to ressurect Edutar.

The Seekers are a religious group that branched off from their primary following, Edutar’s Faithful after commonfolk rose to become Ordained with small powers of The Creator - a gift permanently gained from a Piece of Fate melding with the finder upon physical contact.   The Seekers stand firmly against the Ordained and regard them as thieves who have stolen and desecrated the golden fragments of the guardian that The Creator put on Melior to protect the world.   Their goal is to recover Edutar's fragmented body after it was torn apart trying to save the world by closing a growing rift during The Rupture fifty years ago.   They believe that combining the Pieces of Fate together with religious rituals and collective prayer will bring forth the ressurection of Edutar, and the world will be safe again once more.   In contrast, their rival branch Edutar's Devotionists stand with the Ordained, and see them as the children of Edutar and protectors of his soul.

Timeline of Events

  • The Unknown - After the near destruction of the world, The Creator makes a golden guardian, Edutar, to protect Melior.
  • The Unknown - Edutar’s Faithful grows as a religious following.
  • Darkfall 514 2A - Edutar dies in The Rupture
  • Darkfall 514 2A onwards - Commonfolk find fragments of Edutar's shattered body, the Pieces of Fate, and become Ordained upon contact, gaining small powers of The Creator.
  • Darkfall 521 2A - Edutar’s Faithful split between Edutar's Devotionists and The Seekers
Founding Date
Falday 27th Darkfall 521 2A
Alternative Names
Hunters of Fate
Parent Organization

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