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How the golden pieces of fate gave powers of creation to their new eternal holders.

The Creator sent Edutar the golden guardian unto Melior during the dawning of The Unknown to prevent further harm from destroying the world.   When The Rupture came, he tried to save us once more by pulling a major rift shut - in doing so, he was torn to pieces and was lost.   His fragmented body scattered and fell across Melior as the golden pieces of fate.   And it was that fate that brought unknown folks from the land to take upon his mantles, and become the Ordained.
— A telling of the fall of Edutar

The Ordained

When the ordinary folk of Melior were drawn to the golden pieces of Edutar's shattered body, they felt an overwhelming desire to hold them. As each person collected the wonderous piece, it melded to them - changing their appearance and granting them the powers of creation that The Creator had originally bestowed to Edutar all those ages ago.  

Powers of Creation

Their new powers were completely unlike the newly found magic introduced to Melior during The Rupture. The Ordained did not need to replenish their magical energy reserves with maisha, and their powers seem to be limitless in possibilities.   The Ordained have demonstrated abilities of fire magics, healing, transformation, shapeshifting, flight and even teleporting. Most folks are in absolute awe of The Ordained and follow them as they once followed Edutar when he was whole, but others fear these unkown folks and distrust their morals and intentions...
The Ordained Golden Piece of Fate
Talgrad the human Edutar's golden skull
Xilen the faun Edutar's golden heart
Jokru the quargan Edutar's golden tail
Lillian the pangulan Edutar's golden tongue
Gangruk the grukran Edutar's golden left eye
Holgra the rakuwan Edutar's golden right eye
Krag the corvidan Edutar's golden right hand
Danzel the kumian Edutar's golden left hand
Character | Dec 2, 2022

The three-horned god of Euphoria whose realm is named after the feeling of intense happiness.

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Jul 4, 2021 22:07 by Avalon Arcana

Oh, an origin story? Morally ambiguous magical abilities? A changing of ones person? Good stuff here, very good stuff here :D

You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.
Jul 6, 2021 23:00 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Yeaaah, I can see why some people may fear this. I wonder if there are more pieces of fate out there, waiting for someone to stumble across them? (Like Edutar's golden left foot, or Edutar's golden manhood.)

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Jul 13, 2021 03:15 by Stormbril

Poor Edutar, getting ripped apart D: But, wow, what a really fantastic origin for some really strong magic across the land. This is awesome.

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Stretching the prompt a bit there :P still well written and beautiful story.

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