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Blight Wardens

The grim custodians of the Sea of Spores, the wardens perform a vital yet thankless role. Yet without them, the blight would surely consume all in its path. Despite the stigma many have attached to the wardens, believing them to be cursed and wretched. Corrupt by the very thing they fight against, their determination and resolve to ensure the barrier holds and the Mycelium blight is held back is unmatched.
These vigilant guardians tirelessly watch over the advance of the sea of spores, protecting the great warding stones that keep the blight at bay.
  Protecting the lightless depths Of Evalaw from devastation is a thankless and gruelling task, considering most of things down here either want to eat your or disembowl you in more grisley ways than you could possibly imagine. But, there are worst fates then death in this world. The Mycelium Blight is one of them. It is the duty of the Blight Wardens to combat this insidious malady, and the abominations it spawns from those unfortunate enough to fall victim to it. To push back the blight and prevent the sea of spores from advancing further. That is their mission, a thankless and unforgiving one that has claimed countless wardens over the centuries. Becoming a blight warden is to accept the fate that one day the blight will take everything you are away. It is a never ending struggle, one that has cost thousands of lives to prevent the spore sea from spreading it’s tendrils further while maintaining the crystal wards that push back the taint and purify the land.   Centuries ago, when the Wardens was first established, and the fervour to reclaim Menorc'ress was fresh they would lunch frequent expeditions into The Sea of Spores. Regularly combating the fungal horrors that dwelt within in and attempted to establish new crystal wards in an attempt to push the sea back and slowly purify the land. This fervour has long since died off and the last few wards within the sea have fallen silent, their magical essence all but exhausted. The wardens only braving the Sea of Spores to launch scouting excursion to monitor the progression of the blight and identify any potential threats to the barrier. Large armed expeditions are launched from time to time when a significant threat has been identified. Massing groups of husks, large fungal abominations and other blight monsters that begin to encroach too close to the boarder. Each time these expeditions bring back more concerning information, strange tales that these fungal monsters are reacting to come unseen force that urges them onward to seeking a way to break through the barrier, slowly weakening the wards with every passing year.
Wardens whose minds have become afflicted with the blight often speak of a Pale Queen that dwells within, but even among the Wardens there is little proof that such a being even exists.
Civilian, Knightly Order


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