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Wanderers and nomads, the Dravarii chose their fate, their ancestors turned away from the ruinous powers that had doomed them and their descendance to forever become cursed and imprisoned in the Sunless depths. They would not suffer the folly of the old order, instead they would free themselves of their deceitful kindred and carve out a new path.
Owing their strength and endurance to their kinship and creed, these wild Dark Aelfier nomads of the underworld are a resilient race that continue to weather any hardship thrown their way.
  In the wake of the Sundering that shook the realm of Lorthwyn, the Curse of Abolition was unleashed upon those who dared oppose the formidable Dark Aelfier. Among the remnants of those afflicted, a common misconception arises, as they are erroneously referred to as the Dral'azie. Yet, this term encompasses only one of the societies that emerged from those who sought refuge from the torments of the suns.  
In truth, a far more significant faction emerged, a people who chose to abandon entirely the legacy of calamity their former brethren bore. These were the Dravarii, free-spirited nomads who severed ties with their once-shared destiny and set forth on a path of independence, carving out their own existence in the depths they now called home. These intrepid survivalists learned to thrive in the underworld, weaving a web of interconnectedness that sustained them through the centuries, fostering strong bonds of community and kinship essential for their survival.   The Dravarii embraced a life of adaptability, honing their survival instincts and cultivating a fearless demeanor in the face of the underworld's myriad challenges. Unlike their city-dwelling counterparts, their lives were relatively short due to their nomadic nature, for they seldom lingered in one place for too long. Roaming the vastness of The Sunless Realms in close-knit tribes hunting, gathering, and warring as their ancestors have for countless generations.
  Despite their widespread dispersion throughout the underworld, the Dravarii upheld strikingly similar core values, their cultural practices and beliefs rooted in mysticism and a profound connection with the spirits of their ancestors. In sacred locales and hallowed grounds once cherished by their forebears, the Dravarii gathered to commune and seek guidance, eschewing a formal religion for an intimate spiritual bond with their past.   The Dravarii far outnumbered the Dral'azie, their kin, by fourfold. Yet, the divisions among the Dravarii tribes and clans rendered them less threatening to the ruling houses of the Ithen'drels. The scattered nature of these clans across the vast expanse of the underworld and their propensity for internal strife and indifference to conflict allowed the Ithen'drels to exploit their wilder brethren time and again through shrewd deals and cunning maneuvers. Thus, while the Dravarii and the Dral'azie share a common history, their destinies diverged significantly. The former embraced freedom and self-reliance, forming a tapestry of nomadic tribes, while the latter became ensnared within the rigid structures of the Ithen'drels' autocracy, resulting in a stark contrast between the two societies, which often view each other with mutual misunderstanding and disdain.
Common Dravarii symbol meaning "The People".


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