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The Fells

Said to be the decaying remnants of the root systems of the ancient Archtrees, the fells is a maddening network of gnarled roots and descanted warrens.
  In the hidden and haunting depths of the Fells, a realm veiled in sinister and ethereal magic, lies a subterranean expanse adorned with lush vegetation thrives without the need for light. Serpentine tunnels wind and twist, choked by the gnarled roots of ancient archtrees that once spanned the primordial world. These colossal vaulted caverns resonate with the symphony of nature's denizens—chirping frogs, buzzing insects, and the soft, cautious footsteps of subterranean creatures, all entwined in a timeless cycle of decay and rebirth that echoes throughout every dark hollow.   Known to most as the Fells, the ancient Aelfier named it the Pillars of the world. Once considered a realm revered by the druids for its connection to nature, it has now fallen from grace. Long ago, when the world was young, the archtrees blanketed the surface of Evalaw, while their roots bore down into the deepest recesses of the world. Now, all that remains of the Archtrees are the husks of their colossal roots systems, becoming the foundation of a sprawling ecosystem that thrives beneath their decaying remains. Nurtured by the remnants of the ancient titans, this new life is as twisted and tangled as the deranged goddess presiding over the domain. Over eons, peculiar and otherworldly plant life has emerged, and a dense tapestry of moss and lichen clings to every surface. The subterranean realm has transformed into an otherworldly jungle of ever-shifting tunnels, swamps, bogs, and warrens, shaped by the deep roots and vines that dwell within.   Amidst this verdant abundance of life, the Fells conceals its deadly secrets. It stands as an inhospitable and treacherous land, inhabited by countless perilous creatures and lethal plant life. The crystal-clear waters that run deep through the Fells can be fatal to the unwary traveller, and many an explorer has met their demise after quenching their thirst from these tainted springs.  
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