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Boggarts (Bog-gurt)

By and large, a Boggart is what most would consider to be a Goblin. They are the most numerous of their kind, having become a malignant pest to all who encounter them as little more than beasts, given into their base instincts, their language being rudimentary at best. Individually they are not very threatening and are considered the weak, tending to gather in large numbers Boggarts become an increasing threat of Animalistic marauders and troublesome tricksters that plague the peoples of Evalaw. Living to eat, Boggarts will consume anything they come across, organic or not, relying on attacking or stealing from settlements to sustain themselves, including the raw flesh of sapient species. If supplies got short enough, Boggarts would even resort to eating their own. Found amongst the bogs and swamps and mountainous regions, and the caves and caverns of the underworld they rage against anything that isn't their own, though Boggarts also spend most of their time fighting amongst themselves.

Society and culture

Boggart society is tribal by nature, organising themselves into loose clans that form large dens and nests. Typically these are very densely populated, filled with young Boggart children. This is in part due to fact Boggart females give birth at an alarming rate to sustain a population constantly driven down by violence. This is by no means to say Boggart children outnumber adults, as their lives are just as perilous and wrought with danger as that of an adult. It is this that teaches young Boggarts to rely only on themselves to survive, to be aggressive and ruthless, aspiring to become one of the raiders, generally use their entire adult and adolescent male population to fight. Boggarts often are seen dress in rags and scraps cast off by other humanoid races, plundered and brought back from raids. Many of these raiders tend to wear piecemeal armour also scavenged from other races, sometimes nailed to their very bodies, and carry crude or stolen weapons to use. It is only the chief of the tribe generally being the strongest, most cunning and ruthless of Boggarts that has first choice some of their tribe's best weapons.   Boggarts are ruled over by strength and deviousness, their chiefs come in all shapes and sizes, but generally they are much larger than the rest of the tribe, bullying any that disagree with them. It is for this reason that it is not uncommon for goblins to be dominated by other Goblinoids and larger, more physically powerful creatures, most typically larger Goblinoids such as hobgoblins and bugbears. Often using them as a primary labour force for such menial tasks such as hunting, building, herding and crafting. Boggart culture views largeness as a sign of power as well as beauty, something to be envied and respected. Boggart chiefs are usually larger and more well fed than other Boggarts, this also extends to many Boggart females that decide to become brood mothers. Becoming larger and well fed to attract mates, and increase their chance of birthing healthy children.  

Boggart Physiology

Physically Boggarts have a greater diversity of morphology than other species of goblin, and are uniformly more feral and sinister in appearance. Some of them have long noses or squat muzzles. Some have broad, floppy ears; some have the sharp pointier ears. Their skin varies from green to blue to beige to purple to red, with three fingers and toes, pointed teeth and sharp beady eyes. Sexual dimorphism between Boggart genders is harder to discern compared to other goblins, It is only when when reaching maturity do they begins to change phyically, most females will be rarely seen outside of Boggart nests. Those that do venture out are young, appearing androgynous in nature, which has led to many superstitions among humans that goblins raid villages and towns to kidnap their women for wives as they had none of their own.
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