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by Anithecutie
"Us Gobbos know how to sneak 'bout unseen and not set dem glowy shrooms off, if yous know where to look they let yous know when thingeys are skulking nearby. Dat way you can stick a knife in dem before they stick it in you."
— Vemqueel, reciting some Goblin "wisdom."
  Known among surface dwellers commonly as Glowcaps, or alternatively by the uninspired name, light mushrooms, they are a form of bioluminescent mushroom found only in the underworld of Evalaw. Perhaps the most prolific of all the fungi found throughout the underworld, being particular common in the fells and the middle layer.   Changing between dormant and active over the course of a day, the behaviour of these mushrooms has widely believed to mimic the day-night cycle of the world above. However, no one has ever been able to prove this theory, but can be invaluable for delvers exploring the dark caves and caverns of the underworld, acting as a source of light during their active cycle. During their awake period, they glow with a pale blue light, a reaction due to the bio-luminescent chemicals contained inside the mycelium. When dormant, these clusters of fungi look an unremarkable spot of light on the ground, when something is to pass over dormant Glowcap, they will spring to life emitting light in the immediate area for a short period of time.   Certain cultures have been known to cultivate and grow live Glowcap clusters in airy glass containers to create lighting for their homes.


Author's Notes

Honestly, glowcap was just a placeholder name until I thought of something less generic. But overtime it stuck, so here we are!

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