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The Caverns of Amaranth

Forever night, but never dark.
  The common perception of the places beneath Evalaw are of a featureless, grey, craggy abyss, teeming with monstrous fiends and other foul abominations of the endless night. Seldom are there places in the sunless depths that have been described as beautiful, perhaps the exception to this are the Caverns of Amaranth. Many delvers have coined it the Jewel of the abyss, newcomers to the region often comment on its rich array of bioluminescent fungi, the abundance of life and it's bewitching luminescence of its crystals. Appear all accross Amaranth, some crystalline formations grow up directly from the ground, others imbued with such immense magical power that they defy gravity. These bountiful deposits stimulate the growth of fauna and flora, feeding off the residual magical energies they emit. Much of which isn't found in other parts of the underworld. Their vibrant arrays of colour and soft purple back light emanate throughout the entire region make a stark change from much of the rest of the underworld, giving the region its name. The crystals found throughout the Caverns are a highly sought after commodity by many denizens of the underworld. It was only after the great tremor of [date] that tore The Borvoural Rift open uncovered the entrance to the shimmering depths and the vast wealth of what lay within.   Situated between several prominent regions, Amaranth is said to be the life blood of much of the underworld. Countless volcanic springs emerge throughout the region into subterranean rivers and lakes, feeding countless small streams and waterfalls, cascading down into the depths below to eventually bleeding out into the great sunless seas far beyond. The many volcanic vents throughout the region provide a constant supply of heat and steam, which helps sustain the growth of the plant life and fauna. This warm humid climate helps sustain the plant life and creatures alike, allowing for an abundance of flora and fauna not seen anywhere else in The Sunless Realms. As these subterranean waters course through the caverns, their nourishing currents carry a rich mix of minerals and nutrients that have made much of the central cavern fertile, allowing the region to become along the most abundant agricultural regions in the Underworld.   However, despite all the glistening beauty and its abundant life and vibrant ecosystems, this paradise is not without its dangers that lurk in the shadows. From the numerous pockets of poisonous fauna and flora that thrive in the warm humidity, to the ever present lurking predators of the deep. In this part of the world, as in most places underground, even the slightest mistake could prove fatal. A novice delver can find themselves trapped in one of these deadly areas with little chance of escape, or worse still, dragged away into the darkness to become a meal for something far more sinister than mere wildlife.
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Geography of Amaranth.

Amaranth is geographically made up of a vast series of large interconnecting cavern systems and extensive caves, broken up by The Borvoural Rift. A geographical fault that split the region in two centuries ago. Dividing Amaranth into several distinct regions, each with their own unique features. From the large open plains of the Rie'Shi'Mainze, to the volcanic vents and hot springs of Shira'kai, to the forboding forests of the Vathiranei. Within each region there are many different areas of interest and dangers to explore.  

The Rie'Shi'Mainze.

  Most who visit the Caverns of Ameranth will have heard of the large central region that straddles the precipitous crags of The Borvoural Rift, known as the Rie'Shi'Mainze. Synonymous with it's wide open wilderness abundant to all manner of life that dwell within its reaches, encircling the imposing city-state of Rie'shae. It's large number of natural water sources flowing throughout and descending toward The Borvoural Rift that cleaves a path through the very heart of the Rie'Shi'Mainze, it is a very starkly different ecosystem compared to most more barren and inhospitable caverns found in other parts of The Sunless Realms. Canopies of giant mushroom blanket the area, with great concentrations of smaller fungi and subterranean plant life. These sprawling forests can be dense in parts, but the majority have been tamed over the course of centuries. Other areas have been completely cleared to be cultivated as farmland (A underworld farm is a concept many overworlders struggle to comprehend, dismissing it as nonsense or unfathomable). This verdant landscape was one of the primary reasons the Dral'azie of Rie'shae originally chose this site to establish their early settlement here. The Rie'Shi'Mainze has become a thriving hub of commerce for all manner of goods from across the underworld, being an ideal place to trade due to its central location and abundance of natural resources. Many plantations and farms litter the area, taking advantage of the arable landscape, most directly supplying the city, local holdings and noble compounds. It is common to see Dral'azie patrols throughout the farmsteads, most commonly of house Xoulmier, characterised by their mushroom shaped helmets. In addition the area is populated by wandering tribes of nomadic Dravarii, entrenched strongholds of Dvergar and broods of Arachne   The number of species that exist here is vast and varied; many of which can only be found within this one area of the underworld. Many species of beast inhabit it's mycelium forests, most notably the mighty yet docile Muuyrox, herds of fleetfooted Tarishalyu, the fearsome Gra'Quaitus and the insidious Skrixx'shaa. However, the greatest danger lurks in the deeper reaches, where the Rie'Shi'Mainze has not been tamed. These tunnels and caves are home to countless predators and scavengers, who feed on the abundant prey that lives around them. In these depths the deadly Kesh'n'riii dwells, an apex predator of these caverns. With no natural predators of its own, it hunts those who dare enter it's domain, taking whatever prey it can find and leaving nothing behind. It's bite is venomous and its claws poisonous, yet these are not the greatest dangers it poses. Its insatiable hunger and endless drive to hunt makes it a formidable foe for even the most seasoned delver. Despite creature's great size, its ability to quickly navigate through the maze of tunnels and cave systems makes it very hard to track down, and once ensnared, few escape its clutches alive.
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