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The City-state of Rie'shae.

Sat on the precipice of the Borvoureal Rift lies a beacon in the endless night of The Sunless Realms, Rie'shae stands as bastion of civilisation and order. Considered to be the one city-state to be far more multicultural and accepting of other peoples, Rie'shae displays a degree of tolerance and co-operation with other races unseen in many other cities throughout The Tra'vanor Imperium. A ethos that arose from its position as a main hub for numerous trade routes and caravans from all corners of the underworld that pass through it.
Rie’shae is a powerful player in the Underworld, it’s vast wealth and influence comes from its strategic position on the key trade routes that run throughout The Sunless Realms.
  Perched upon the precipice of the vast Borvoureal Rift, stands the city-state of Rie'shae, a bastion of civility and order in an otherwise perilous region of the endless dark. A salubrious refuge for many travellers and merchants that make the journey along key trade and pilgrimage routes that converge through the Caverns of Ameranth. Due to its Geographic and political importance the city has grown exponentially over the past millennium. Expanding beyond all expectation, this once meagre settlement transformed into a highly cosmopolitan metropolis at the epicentre of trade and commerce in The Sunless Realms. It is not unusual for visitors to the city to see richly dressed noblewomen followed by trains of slaves and eunuchs visiting the grand bazaar, rubbing shoulders with street vendors selling their wares or even a wandering troupe of minstrels serenading the passersby. Its thriving markets have access to goods from as far away as Phyraxgia and the world above. In addition to its exotic market stalls, the city also boasts an array of elegant bars and taverns that serve the finest wine and spirits to nobles and commoners alike. Benefiting from numerous influences from other regions ranging from architecture, clothing and customs can be found strewn throughout the city, amalgamating them into the cities own unique identity.  
As Rie'shae became a melting-pot of underworld cultures, it exhibited a rare phenomenon among its Dral'azie denizens unseen throughout much of The Tra'vanor Imperium. The emergence of a diverse society, where all are welcome, irrespective of creed, faith or culture. Dral'azie, Ejderhakan, Golinoids, Dvergar, Arachne and countless others have come to call Rie'shae home, becoming a myriad of flavours and tones, where different peoples can mingle without much fear of persecution. This was due to a combination of two factors; firstly the city's role as a major trading hub that attracted many merchants, traders and adventurers from across The Sunless Realms. Secondly, due to Rie'shaes' rapid expansion necessitated an increasing demand for labour and artisans to subsist. One that its native population and diminishing slave stocks could not meet swiftly enough. Consequently, the city authorities took to recruiting from all corners of The Sunless Realms in order to fulfil its expanding needs. With a population that was half foreign born, the city now boasted a cultural diversity unmatched anywhere else in the world.
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Blood and Honor by Ellirhshaan
  Well known for its majestic sprawling palaces, generous courtyards of paved marble and obsidian, lavish iridescent gardens and soaring towers. Its most notable landmarks include the magnificent palace andseat of power to the ruling elite, Ga'venn'shviie. There is the Great Temple of Shandu'lian which stands as the most significant religious site within the city. Or for those more wishing to part with their coin there is Ajmathi, The Grand Bazaar. the Orisha District and its famous dancers. Yet despite this rich, affluent culture, renowned centres of higher learning and far more liberal attitudes and worldly values than any other Ithen'drel. The debauched morality, hedonistic appetites and prejudices of the Dral'azie seep through the cracks of this façade the elite of Rie'shae likes to portray. Its dark alleys, shady taverns and notorious pleasure houses have only reinforced this sybaritic reputation. Truly making Rie'shae a city of excess, where you can find whatever your heart desires should you look long enough. This is the place where you go when you want something, anything. As the saying goes here, if you can think of it, they can provide. And so the city thrives on trade and commerce, and profits from every deal that passes through its gates.  
— Khalirah, proprietor of Khalirah’s Parlor.
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Alternative Name(s)
Ithen'drel Dai Rie'shae.
Large city
Population; Population of approximately 220,000 within the city and surrounding areas.
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Dral'azie - 47% • Goblins - 28% • Tiefling - 9% • Dvergar - 5% • Arshinus - 4% • Other - 7%

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