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Sorro'unna Versorinn

An elusive figure in Rie'shae, a meticulous schemer, pulling the strings of others from the shadows to do her dirty work. Only making her presence known when absolutely necessary.
  Shrouded in mystery, the sphinxlike Sorro'unna weaves an intricate tapestry of intrigue and deception, her psionic prowess and mastery of illusions makes her an unseen and potent force to be reckoned with. Throuhout Rie'shae, her presence is felt by none but herself, as she maneuvers her unwitting puppets with an artistry that remains veiled from the eyes of those who oppose her. Navigating the intricate web of politics and power in the city with an otherworldly perception. While the nobles and rivals around her grasp at shadows, she observes their every move from the vantage point of their own minds. Her powers are so refined that even the most astute minds are ensnared in her elaborate machinations.  
To her adversaries, it appears as though fate itself conspires against them, for they cannot fathom the hand that guides events from the shadows. Sorro'unna's true form, her intentions, and her actions are veiled from the eyes of those who oppose her, and they find themselves embroiled in a dance they do not understand.   Her moniker, the "Blind Sorceress", refers to her uncanny ability to manipulate the minds and emotions of others to her whim, using illusions to create situations to her advantage, rendering her existence virtually undetectable to those who seek her. Through potent psionics, she cloaks her presence just on the edge of consciousness, making others unaware of her unless she desires otherwise. Though her faith may appear to contradict her actions, Sorro'unna deftly employs indirect methods to thwart her rivals and achieve her goals without resorting to overt violence. As a practitioner of Myria'cresne's teachings, she justifies her approach by avoiding direct bloodshed while achieving her desired outcomes through the hands of others.
  Her preferred method of manipulation involves capturing victims and distorting their memories and perception of reality. Through this insidious process, she molds them into unknowing puppets, carrying out her orders as if they were their own thoughts and desires. The victims, utterly oblivious to her actions, are drawn back to her without understanding why. Her mastery also extends to the use of enchanted jewels that grant her control over her unwitting puppets. Placing these jewels on her subjects, she gains access to their senses and can influence their actions at her whim. Memories of their encounter with Sorro'unna are wiped clean, leaving only a faint haze of recollection that remains forever out of reach.  
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Seven Signs


  Hailing from the affluent Dral'azie Noble House Versorinn, Sorro'unna's apparent demise shrouds her in mystery throughout Rie'shae. The noble circles whisper of her peculiar death, an enigma that has captivated their imaginations for over a decade. Her infamous rivalry with Tari'karith, the current Matron of House Versorinn, transformed the opulent compound into a battleground as they vied for control after their matron mother's passing. Tari'karith and other Versorinn nobles feared the threat posed by Sorro'unna's potent psionic powers.   Thought to have perished in a scheme to collapse one of the compound's towers, Sorro'unna defied expectations, surviving the deadly plot. Over the years, she insidiously poisoned her sister's mind, plunging her into unpredictable bouts of mania and instability.   Sorro'unna's hidden agenda revolves around usurping her sister's position and eliminating those she deems unworthy. Seizing power while remaining undetected is her artful intention. Her manipulative methods have been honed since her ascension to the Mistress of the palace of mists, where she employs proxies like the unsuspecting Zelyana Do'iryn, who acts unknowingly as her puppet.


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