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The Fair Lady, the goddess of Moonlight and life bringer to the underworld. Her pale light is a beacon of hope and guidance in the dark.
  The last of the celestial deities brought into being by Folurne and Shilina. Myria'cresne is unconditionally compassionate and caring compared to the rest of her siblings. Watching over and caring for the lives and wellbeing of all the living creatures of Evalaw that are bathed beneath her radiant glow. Her blessings are benevolent, harnessing the life giving energies of the moon, bestowing healing, fertility and longevity. Her followers and priests extend beyond the surface of the world, extending deep into the midnight depths also. She and her flock are seen to be far more caring and conscientious of life than Aushurie herself.  


Family Ties

Divine Classification

Character Portrait image: by Lujordis


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