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There are many unspeakable horrors found throughout the underworld, but none quite compare to the terror of the Skrixx'shaa…
— Unknown Author, found in a discarded journal deep in The Fells 
  Ambushing their prey from seemingly nowhere, these veracious ambush predators is something of nightmares. Even the spider worshiping cults of the Dral'azie are fearful of these colossal arachnids. Tending to keep close to cavern ceilings, despite their size the Skrixx'shaa is notoriously difficult to spot before it is too late. These enormas armour-plated arachnid are capable of launching deadly strikes at startling speeds with their malicious spined front legs. Dragging it's helpless impaled victim into the horror it's maw, a cheilcerae that dismembers it's victim alive. It's carapace is covered in a series of jagged ridges and spines, believed to mimic stalactites. The same can be found upon its eight long twisted limbs, serrated and jagged to blend in with its surroundings. The same can be said about the Strixx'shaas colouring, they are a mottled combination of earthy grey tones, with hues of orange and red upon their leg joints, or striped at random intervals, all for the purpose of blending into the drab cavern ceilings and dead petrified roots and canopies of the The Fells.  
Like in most arachnids, there is a distinct sexual dimorphism between the genders. The large, more robust females are highly territorial, with a shorter leg span and tougher carapace. Whist the smaller males have exceedingly long, spindly legs, smaller bodies and much longer claws and wilder more elaborate spines across their carapaces. The males tending to be more nomadic never staying in one place for too long should they disturb a disgruntled female, or rival male.   When readying to strike, the Skrixx'shaa will lower its body toward it's victim, slowly and carefully maintaining the element of surprise. Should this fail, they will use their front pairs of legs along with their spined front legs to attempt to subdue their quarry. Rearing up and crashing down, ripping and tearing with its spiked appendages. Despite being ambush predators, this does not make them frail, when confronted they are as deadly and vicious as any other of the underworlds other apex predators.
  Most travellers are made wary of the dangers of the areas of the underworld there are known Skrixx'shaa, very few have managed to see one and live. For the most part, the Skrixx'shaa tend to say in the The Fells, the abundance of prey and claustrophobic warrens and tunnels make it the perfect hunting spot. However, they have been known to travel down further into the depths, some purposefully stalking the well-travelled caravan routes waiting to pick a foolhardy trader off should they tarry from the path.
25 - 30 years.
Geographic Distribution

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